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Qian Changjun Toshiaki Okuno Kazuko Ishikawa Hideyasu Takatsu Koji Nagai

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Natsuki Hanae Yohei Azakami Makoto Furukawa Kensho Ono Tetsuya Kakihara Yuki Kaji Minako Kotobuki Kazuya Nakai

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In junior high, Ryou Mizushima and his friends join the badminton club on a whim. As he grows fond of the sport, Ryou works tirelessly to improve his badminton skills until he qualifies in the prefectural tournament. Lacking a coach who can bring out his full potential, he does not consider entering a high school with a strong badminton team. Instead, he plans on attending a local high school where he can play badminton for fun. However, Ryou's perspective changes when Yokohama Minato High School's badminton coach scouts him. Not only does the institution have one of the strongest badminton teams in the region, but it also has Kento Yusa, a player Ryou admires. Though hesitant at first, Ryou decides to enroll with the support of his sister. Possessing a firm ambition, he begins to gain experience with the proper guidance of a coach—all in hopes of surpassing Yusa one day.

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S1E24 : Love All Play

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